Vegetable Literacy - By: Deborah Madison (Book Review)

Book: Vegetable Literacy

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Author: Deborah Madison

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To start this off I have to announce that this is the very first book I've ever pre-ordered. The enticing short description of the book, and  even the front cover just had me enthralled.  It wasn't even out yet and I wanted to dig in and start to read!  This was well before I started blogging and a few months before I had even thought about going vegan for 6 weeks. I ordered it and waited like it was Christmas for the book to come in the mail. 

A couple weeks later, laid in front of me was a beautiful hard cover book with a sleek cover and thick pages that you know will hold the key to missing ideas and inspirations in your head. And it did. This isn't just any old recipe book about eating healthy and what types of vegetables to eat.  It goes over in detail the diversity within the plant kingdom. From greens, flowers, seeds, roots, stalks, and more. This book will go through the different botanical families and what they entail.  Sharing commonalities, and relationships with vegetables.  Being both inspiring and informative to both home cooks, professional cooks, botanists, and gardeners alike. Master what an ingredient is.  Get to know the different varieties of an ingredient, Understand what accompanies it perfectly, down to what parts of the plant to use and for what.  It's amazing, the information that the author has bestowed on these pages.  Vegetable Literacy will open your mind up to new possibilities.

When I went vegan for 6 weeks there were a lot of vegetable I knew nothing about, this is including kale and quinoa.  This book helped span my knowledge on those vegetables I'd take home with little know how an how to prepare or what they go with.  The recipes and information helped wonderfully. Getting to know herbs at a whole knew level really connected with me cause I love seasonings and finding that perfect flavor.  Some recipes you can be prepared for are, Cucumber Soup with Yogurt and Red Quinoa, Green pea Fritters with Herb-Laced Crème Fraîche, or Thick Marjoram Sauce with Capers and Green Olives. These are just a few of some of my favorites from this book. There is seriously a long line of information that can help you through any questions you have concerning a certain vegetable, herb, flower, seeds, the list goes on. I a.k.a. this book in my house as the vegetable bible. Cause it truly is an all-in-one book that will have you eating healthier, wiser, and more educated in know time. 

I haven't had the pleasure of reading any Deborah Madison books till the newest installation, Vegetable Literacy.  But now knowing her personality, her education with food, and out of box thinking when it comes to preparing great healthy recipes, I intend to pick up more of her books and take a gander. 


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